Creating VM Clones in Microsoft Hyper-V
If you’re a virtual machine freak like me, then you’ve most likely upgraded to Windows 8 Pro already due to its awesome built in Hyper-V client! No longer do you need to install Windows Server 2012 or the standalone hypervisor operating system just to be able to build your virtual machine infrastructure on your home… (16 comments)

Getting to Know DNS! Part 3
Alright folks! It’s time to finally wrap things up with the final article in my “Getting to Know DNS!” series. In this last article, I will be putting together everything you have read so far in the past two articles and giving you the ultimate look at how name resolution functions on an every day… (0 comment)

Getting to Know DNS! Part 2
In my previous article, Getting to Know DNS! Part 1, I’ve gone over the very basics of DNS and why it was needed to help power the Internet of today. It is one of the most used network services around the globe on a daily basis. There are literally thousands upon thousands of DNS queries… (0 comment)

Getting to Know DNS! Part 1
It’s been a while since I’ve created this blog but until now, I haven’t really talked about one of my favorite topic where networking and computers in general are concerned: the domain name system or better known as DNS. I remember being asked recently on just how does the Internet work? Many users know that… (7 comments)

Survive a Hard Disk Failure by Using RAID 1
I’ve met a lot of paranoid people during my time working with them and their computers. This is especially true where hard disks are concerned. Yet, the fault can’t all be put on them. However, many users still don’t understand that computers, especially hard drives, can and will malfunction at one point or another and… (4 comments)

WebMail Encryption with Mailvelope
Email encryption is something I’ve always pushed for to whomever is willing to listen! One of the hardest part when it comes to email encryption is the user factor. Many users just don’t see a need to use a desktop email client just to implement some type of email encryption. Many of us are more… (11 comments)

OpenPGP in Outlook with gpg4o
It seems that getting a free OpenPGP solution to work with the Microsoft Outlook email client is harder than I thought it would be. The only thing I could dig up was the Outlook Privacy Plugin, which I wrote extensively about here in this article. At the time I wrote that article, the plugin version… (5 comments)

Streaming Media to your PS3 and Xbox with NAS4Free
So you’ve gotten your NAS4Free box all configured to your liking and you are comfortably using it in your own home. If you’ve read my last article, then you’re also probably enjoying automatic torrent downloading as well. There is so much more you can do with your NAS box and so in this article, I… (24 comments)

Configuring BitTorrent Support in NAS4Free
One of the most awesome thing about setting up a NAS server in your own home is due to the customization aspect. Since the NAS box is considered “yours”, you pretty much own it and therefore, you can do whatever the heck you want to it, of course provided that its possible. In recent articles,… (16 comments)