The Perfect Related Post Plugin for WordPress
Throughout my journey here at AnotherWindowsBlog, I’ve used about three to four different ‘related post’ widget/plugin methods. Incorporating a related post area on your pages is very important if you want to give your visitors something to read after they are finished with the current article. This allows a visitor to view your past articles… (6 comments)

How To Create a Self Hosted WordPress Blog for Free
Prior to moving AnotherWindowsBlog from the Blogger platform to a self-hosted WordPress installation, I knew I had to exercise caution. I was headed into unfamiliar territory and as always, I knew I had to perform a dry run before moving on to the real deal. With that being said though, WordPress has definitely made it… (4 comments)

Smooth Slider Plugin for WordPress
I admit that I’m picky when it comes to certain things. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been on the hunt for a featured post content slider for AnotherWindowsBlog. A content slider is a very simple way to let your readers and visitors know what your most popular articles are on your… (2 comments)

Finally Made the Switch from Blogger to WordPress!
I’ve done it. After two something years with Google’s Blogger, I have finally made the jump to a self-hosted WordPress platform! Therefore, it feels only right that I spend some (ok, a lot) time talking about the transition. I want to make this clear from the get-go. There is absolutely nothing wrong with Blogger. I… (0 comment)