Hyper-V in Windows 8
If you’re in the IT sector, I’m absolutely positive that you must have heard or read all about computer virtualization. This has been a hot topic for many years and the reason I’m writing an article about it here is because it’s still a hot topic today! Like how I would usually describe things, you… (0 comment)

The New ‘Previous Versions’ in Windows 8
Backing up your data is important. We all know that right? Yet, only a small percentage of users are actually doing just that! It surprises me that many times when I ask a user how they are backing up their precious data such as their music library or photos, I just get a shoulder shrug… (5 comments)

Setting Processor Affinity in Windows
One feature that has been available in Windows for a long time now has been setting processor affinity for your applications. However, not a lot of users know about it because quite frankly, it’s not really needed at all! Setting processor affinity allows you to adjust the amount and specifically which CPU cores an application… (2 comments)

Thoughts on the Windows 8 Developer Preview Build
Microsoft has recently lifted the cover for its next operating system, dubbed Windows 8, to the public. They have also released a preview (beta?) build of the operating system to developers and to the general public. With that being said, the operating system is still a full year from official release and many have considered… (3 comments)