Setting Processor Affinity in Windows
One feature that has been available in Windows for a long time now has been setting processor affinity for your applications. However, not a lot of users know about it because quite frankly, it’s not really needed at all! Setting processor affinity allows you to adjust the amount and specifically which CPU cores an application… (2 comments)

Restricting Amount of Log On Hours Per Day
There has always been a need for parents to control how long their kids spend time on their computer. Now more than ever, it’s imperative that parents be also able to control not just how long their kids spent time in front of the computer but also what they do on that computer as well… (2 comments)

File Encryption without Passwords
Did I ever tell you that I get all sorts of weird requests from some of my clients? So, it’s no surprise when someone requested that I help him devise of a plan to protect all of his important documents and files on an external hard drive he has at home so that no computer… (2 comments)

How To Remove Bloatware from New Computer
One very popular request from many users is how does one go about cleaning a computer from all the junk and crapware (bloatware is another popular term) installed by default on a newly purchased OEM computer from the store? Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) computers are basically computers you see displayed at your big name electronics… (17 comments)

Why Encrypting Files is the Ultimate Protection
It’s perfectly normal for multiple users to share the same computer. That’s why you’re allowed to create more than one user account on the computer! Sadly to say it though, what many of these users do not realize is that their files on these computers are accessible to all users who have physical access to… (4 comments)

How To Dual Boot Windows with Ubuntu
If by now you still didn’t know that you can run two different operating systems side by side within a single physical computer, then well, you have some serious catching up to do! Dual booting is a great method to have two separate platforms to do your bidding. You can use one operating system as… (17 comments)

Windows 7 Not Genuine After Disk Clone
A while back, I helped a user easily clone his 320GB Windows 7 system to a 1TB hard drive using Symantec’s BESR 2010. Everything went smoothly except for one big issue that I didn’t find out until now. After the cloning process, Windows 7 was still using the old drive (320GB) as the boot device.… (121 comments)

Recover Files with the Shadow Copy Feature
As humans, we make mistakes. No matter how perfect we think we may be, there will be times when we realize that what we just did was not what we intended to do. However, the realization usually doesn’t sink in until a little later and then once it dons on you that you’ve either just… (0 comment)

Enhance Your Right Click Mouse Button!
I’m sure many users are familiar on how to get to the many different settings and items within the Windows operating system. Sometimes we do it so often that the procedure on how to do it becomes ingrained into our memory. We do it without having to put any thoughts on it whatsoever. For the… (0 comment)