Creating VM Clones in Microsoft Hyper-V
If you’re a virtual machine freak like me, then you’ve most likely upgraded to Windows 8 Pro already due to its awesome built in Hyper-V client! No longer do you need to install Windows Server 2012 or the standalone hypervisor operating system just to be able to build your virtual machine infrastructure on your home… (16 comments)

Hyper-V in Windows 8
If you’re in the IT sector, I’m absolutely positive that you must have heard or read all about computer virtualization. This has been a hot topic for many years and the reason I’m writing an article about it here is because it’s still a hot topic today! Like how I would usually describe things, you… (0 comment)

Virtual Hard Drives Makes Efficient Backups!
Prior to working on a client’s computer, one of the first thing I always like to do is to make a complete backup of the system. By doing so, I don’t have to worry about whether or not if something “bad” is going to happen and somehow destroy the data. Let’s face it. Reinstalling an… (4 comments)

Windows XP Mode in Windows 7
Windows 7 Professional and Ultimate users have a awesome privilege: they are allowed to run the new Windows XP Mode. Essentially, they get to enjoy the best of both worlds. Let’s face it, Windows XP is one of Microsoft’s most beloved operating system in history. Users loved it so much that Microsoft had to actually… (0 comment)

Mounting a Virtual Hard Disk in Windows 7
In the last article, we went over how to easily create system image backups inside Windows 7. With image backups, you don’t have to worry or decide what gets backed up because a full system image will include everything. The downside to this method of course, is that it takes up a lot of storage… (0 comment)

Improve Productivity with Virtual Desktops
In a previous post, I’ve talked about how Window users can easily enjoy a Mac feature called Expose. In this post, I’ll go over how Window users can once again enjoy a feature from another operating system called Linux. That feature is the ability to create virtual desktops. While just the thought of being able… (0 comment)

Why You Should Use Virtual Machines
Virtualization have once been thought of as a technology only big businesses would incorporate in their environments. Now days however, smaller businesses and even home users are realizing the many benefits of using this great technology to help them not only lower costs, but also for security purposes as well. The good news is, while… (2 comments)