Windows 10 Quick Assist: Move Over TeamViewer?
No matter how simple it is to use a new Windows operating system with each new release (at least that’s how they want you to believe), there’s no escaping the fact that there will still be a lot of users out there that just need help! If you’re the one providing said help, you’ll know… (0 comment)

Remote Wake on LAN via Router
When I talked about Wake on Lan (WoL) in a previous article, I also wrote on how it was possible to do it over the WAN. Although being able to magically wake your computer up from its slumber state while within the local network is pretty handy, it’s when you actually get to do it… (1 comment)

Bypass ISP Video Throttling with a VPN
You know what grinds my gears? ISP throttling. That’s what. Ever wonder why it is that your Youtube videos lag and buffer every few seconds in 720p or 1080p mode even though you know with an absolute certainty that your bandwidth is not the problem? OK, so that issue might not happen 24/7 but did… (1 comment)

Configuring Remote Access for NAS4Free
Due to the immense popularity of my blog article on how to configure a NAS4Free server on a Windows network, I decided to do a simple follow up on how to configure that same server for access over the Internet. Well actually, a comment made by user Austin prompted me to write this article. He… (16 comments)

Getting to Know DNS! Part 3
Alright folks! It’s time to finally wrap things up with the final article in my “Getting to Know DNS!” series. In this last article, I will be putting together everything you have read so far in the past two articles and giving you the ultimate look at how name resolution functions on an every day… (0 comment)

Getting to Know DNS! Part 2
In my previous article, Getting to Know DNS! Part 1, I’ve gone over the very basics of DNS and why it was needed to help power the Internet of today. It is one of the most used network services around the globe on a daily basis. There are literally thousands upon thousands of DNS queries… (0 comment)

Getting to Know DNS! Part 1
It’s been a while since I’ve created this blog but until now, I haven’t really talked about one of my favorite topic where networking and computers in general are concerned: the domain name system or better known as DNS. I remember being asked recently on just how does the Internet work? Many users know that… (7 comments)

Streaming Media to your PS3 and Xbox with NAS4Free
So you’ve gotten your NAS4Free box all configured to your liking and you are comfortably using it in your own home. If you’ve read my last article, then you’re also probably enjoying automatic torrent downloading as well. There is so much more you can do with your NAS box and so in this article, I… (24 comments)

Configuring BitTorrent Support in NAS4Free
One of the most awesome thing about setting up a NAS server in your own home is due to the customization aspect. Since the NAS box is considered “yours”, you pretty much own it and therefore, you can do whatever the heck you want to it, of course provided that its possible. In recent articles,… (16 comments)