Streaming Media to your PS3 and Xbox with NAS4Free
So you’ve gotten your NAS4Free box all configured to your liking and you are comfortably using it in your own home. If you’ve read my last article, then you’re also probably enjoying automatic torrent downloading as well. There is so much more you can do with your NAS box and so in this article, I… (24 comments)

Comparing Nook Tablet to Kindle Fire
You just can’t help it these days but notice a lot of stories and focus on budget friendly tablets. Not surprisingly, Apple is not being included in the talk as they hardly can qualify as being “budget friendly”. This whole thing started when Amazon announced their 7″ tablet that revolves around their own digital content… (2 comments)

Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000 Review
Although I admit that I have no particular use for a tablet, it is extremely cool and fun to own one. In my opinion, users get the most out of a tablet if they have a mobile lifestyle, which do not apply to me. For time wasters while on the move, I have my handy… (2 comments)

iTunes Alternative with CopyTrans Manager
It’s been a while since I used Sharepod to manage my iTunes music library. Why? Because it doesn’t work anymore with IOS 4 devices! It’s such a shame because that little utility was perfect for users wanting to manage their music library on their iPhone/iPod/iTouch/iPad without having to use iTunes. Your reasons for hating iTunes… (0 comment)

Amazon Cloud Drive and Cloud Player Introduction
With so much hype surrounding online storage these past couple of years, a normal person wouldn’t really expect Amazon to jump into this service. Amazon is mainly known as one of the biggest online suppliers in the world but we do live in a strange time and place so it’s not uncommon for big companies… (0 comment)

How To Create Free Screencast Videos in Windows
If you’re a technical fellow of some sort, you’ve no doubt experienced the pain and frustration when trying to explain how to perform certain procedures or functions on the computer to regular users. The problem isn’t that the users aren’t smart enough to do what you tell them to do (well, most of the time… (0 comment)

Podcast Managment on the iPhone with Podcaster
One of the most lacking feature of the iTunes app within the iPhone is the inability to actually subscribe to a podcast show for automatic download. It’s a very simple feature and one that would have made life a lot easier for many users. By default, Apple wants you to use iTunes on the PC/Mac… (0 comment)

Using Dropbox as a Image Hosting Platform
I’ve been using Microsoft’s Skydrive service to host all of AnotherWindowsBlog images for quite some time now. I’ve been happy for the most part. I mean, how can anyone not like having 25GB of free online storage? How can you not like having no bandwidth limits to worry about like other free services impose on… (17 comments)