Earn Money by Being an Amazon Affiliate!
Prior to working on AnotherWindowsBlog, I was already a huge fan of Amazon. Nothing has changed till this day. Living on an island makes it very hard for us to find products of various categories. We don’t have the luxury of being able to shun one store and hop to another to make price comparisons.… (5 comments)

Free SMS Texting on iPhone!
Wouldn’t you like to shave $5-$20 off on your monthly cell phone bill? By eliminating our monthly SMS messaging plan, the money you’ll be able to save is tremendous when you look at it in the long run. If you are on the unlimited messaging plan, that equals to about $240 a year at $20… (5 comments)

Padding your Passwords!
In a recent Security Now! podcast from Steve Gibson of GRC Research and Leo Leoporte of the TWiT network, they talked about a very interesting topic concerning password security. Basically, two words can sum up the entire talk: size matters! What Steve found was that a a long and randomly generated password consisting of all… (6 comments)

Awesome Security Features of LastPass
In a recent article, I wrote all about the awesome online password manager service called LastPass. I tried very hard to persuade you to start using LastPass as your password manager. Well, if after reading that post you still have your doubts about it, I will go over a couple more extra security features offered… (0 comment)

A Better PDF Reading Experience on the Kindle
The Kindle 3 provides one of the best electronic reading experiences as of right now. Sure, it can’t beat other electronic devices out there in terms of what the device is capable of but many people seem to forget that the Kindle is a dedicated eBook reading device first and foremost. One of the feature… (29 comments)

Automatic Shutdown Timer for Windows
How many times have you ever wanted to set a specific time (or date for that matter) so your computer would shut down? I don’t know about you guys but I certainly have. Chalk this one up under another simple feature that I wished would have been baked in with Windows itself. It’s another one… (2 comments)

The Importance of System Recovery
Have you ever considered what you’re actually getting in return when you put down money to buy that brand new computer either at your local electronics shop or at an online retailer? Well, of course you’re going to say the actual computer itself and everything in it including a humongous hard drive you’re never going… (0 comment)

Quicker Shutdown of Windows 7
I’ve had problems recently with my Windows 7 laptop hanging randomly on shutdown. It’s pretty weird because my desktop, also equipped with Windows 7 and with pretty much the same programs as on my laptop, doesn’t appear to have this problem. Basically, I’m left staring at the Shutting Down screen for what seems like eternity.… (0 comment)