Windows 10 Quick Assist: Move Over TeamViewer?
No matter how simple it is to use a new Windows operating system with each new release (at least that’s how they want you to believe), there’s no escaping the fact that there will still be a lot of users out there that just need help! If you’re the one providing said help, you’ll know… (0 comment)

Creating VM Clones in Microsoft Hyper-V
If you’re a virtual machine freak like me, then you’ve most likely upgraded to Windows 8 Pro already due to its awesome built in Hyper-V client! No longer do you need to install Windows Server 2012 or the standalone hypervisor operating system just to be able to build your virtual machine infrastructure on your home… (16 comments)

OpenPGP in Outlook with gpg4o
It seems that getting a free OpenPGP solution to work with the Microsoft Outlook email client is harder than I thought it would be. The only thing I could dig up was the Outlook Privacy Plugin, which I wrote extensively about here in this article. At the time I wrote that article, the plugin version… (5 comments)

A Bing Wallpaper a Day!
A good online buddy of mine and frequent visitor and commenter on AnotherWindowsBlog, Ankur, has written a blog post at TechEveryTime where I first took notice of Microsoft’s new Bing Desktop utility. This utility has been long in the making. Finally, users will have a chance to dynamically set their desktop wallpaper to match that… (4 comments)