Microsoft Defender Offline
Microsoft recently released another stand-alone malware scanning tool (although it’s still in beta as of right now) called System Sweeper. This utility is different from Microsoft Safety Scanner in that this is mainly for users who can’t actually boot in to the Windows operating system or Safe Mode. Rather than launching a simple executable, you… (2 comments)

Are You a Victim of Fake Antivirus Software?
Shame on me. It has taken me this long to write an article on one of the most plaguing issues concerning user’s desktops all over the world these past couple of years. This problem I am sure you have seen before and have experienced it even once or twice during your own Internet browsing sessions.… (2 comments)

Assassinate the Google Redirect Virus with Hitman Pro
So just the other day a friend hit me up over the phone about something wrong with his computer at work (it seems lately those were the only types of calls I get from my friends). He immediately identified the problem as always being redirected from his Google searches. I immediately thought “Uh-Oh”…those are never,… (6 comments)