Using OpenPGP on the iPhone
Just the other day, I was testing the OpenPGP email encryption system with a reader and he asked me a darn good question of how he can get this to work on his iPhone. Surprisingly, while I have thought about it in the past, I never actively looked for a solution. If you don’t know… (11 comments)

iTunes Alternative with CopyTrans Manager
It’s been a while since I used Sharepod to manage my iTunes music library. Why? Because it doesn’t work anymore with IOS 4 devices! It’s such a shame because that little utility was perfect for users wanting to manage their music library on their iPhone/iPod/iTouch/iPad without having to use iTunes. Your reasons for hating iTunes… (0 comment)

Use Your Mobile Device to Remotely Control PC
So a good friend recently came down for a visit. Being the tech geeks that we both are, a lot was discussed on recent technologies, gadgets and the such. One of the things he displayed that stood out to me, although nothing new, was being able to remotely control his laptop back at his home… (2 comments)

Free Reverse Phone Lookup with Number Guru
I’m sure you remember a time receiving a phone call from a number you have no idea where or who it came from. Are you the type of person who do not like to answer these types of unknown numbers without first having a clue of who the caller is or where they are from?… (6 comments)

Free SMS Texting on iPhone!
Wouldn’t you like to shave $5-$20 off on your monthly cell phone bill? By eliminating our monthly SMS messaging plan, the money you’ll be able to save is tremendous when you look at it in the long run. If you are on the unlimited messaging plan, that equals to about $240 a year at $20… (5 comments)

Podcast Managment on the iPhone with Podcaster
One of the most lacking feature of the iTunes app within the iPhone is the inability to actually subscribe to a podcast show for automatic download. It’s a very simple feature and one that would have made life a lot easier for many users. By default, Apple wants you to use iTunes on the PC/Mac… (0 comment)

Enable 720p Video Recording on 3GS
Users of the iPhone 3GS no doubt know about the video recording capabilities of their phone. However, whether you may know it or not, that video is not in high definition. By default, the resolution of recorded videos on the iPhone 3GS is at 640×480 . It certainly gets the job done when you need… (0 comment)

Splash O2 Lite Rechargable Battery Case
A little while back, I purchased an external iPhone battery from Monoprice for a friend and it worked great. He loves it. However, Monoprice shortly after have discontinued sells of the product. My friend gave the battery to a family member and am now stuck without an extra iPhone battery for his travels. Now, he… (4 comments)