How To Prevent Devices From Installing in Windows
One of the most underutilized feature in Windows for home users has got to be group policy. Anything that you can think of when it comes to administering and securing the operating system is laid out in group policy settings. With that being said though, one could argue that many home users really don’t need… (10 comments)

How To Remove Bloatware from New Computer
One very popular request from many users is how does one go about cleaning a computer from all the junk and crapware (bloatware is another popular term) installed by default on a newly purchased OEM computer from the store? Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) computers are basically computers you see displayed at your big name electronics… (17 comments)

How To Securely Wipe your Hard Drive
Ever wanted to securely wipe your hard drive prior to selling or giving it away for someone else to use? I’m praying you don’t just hand over your hard drive as is and hope that the next user wouldn’t scourge it for your personal data.  Deleting and even a simple reformat does not guarantee that… (0 comment)

How To Encrypt your Hard Drive with TrueCrypt
I’ve always had my issues with Bitlocker. I love the technology as it gave users the opportunity to finally encrypt their entire hard drive a la Microsoft however, the major problem stemmed from the fact that this feature is only available in the highest edition of Windows Vista and Windows 7! This pretty much left… (4 comments)

How To Dual Boot Windows with Ubuntu
If by now you still didn’t know that you can run two different operating systems side by side within a single physical computer, then well, you have some serious catching up to do! Dual booting is a great method to have two separate platforms to do your bidding. You can use one operating system as… (17 comments)

How To Build Your Own Computer: Part 2
Alright, so you’ve read part 1 of this guide and have a good sense of what hardware you want and don’t want to put inside your custom machine. In part 2 of our guide, we will actually go over how to physically put everything together. Now, if you have taken my earlier advice, you shouldn’t… (0 comment)

How To Build Your Own Computer: Part 1
In this two part series, I will try my best to give you an easy to follow beginners guide on building your very own computer from scratch. I’m sure there are hundreds of other guides out there (and probably written with a lot more detail than what I can do here) but I thought it… (0 comment)

How To Create Free Screencast Videos in Windows
If you’re a technical fellow of some sort, you’ve no doubt experienced the pain and frustration when trying to explain how to perform certain procedures or functions on the computer to regular users. The problem isn’t that the users aren’t smart enough to do what you tell them to do (well, most of the time… (0 comment)