Lenovo’s ThinkPad 13 Review!
Finally! After having to suffer a shipping delay of about a month or so, my new Lenovo ThinkPad 13 laptop has arrived at my doorsteps! To add insult to injuries, Lenovo forgot to add my apartment number on the shipping label! I will always remember to now¬†put my apartment number on the same address line!… (10 comments)

How To Prevent Devices From Installing in Windows
One of the most underutilized feature in Windows for home users has got to be group policy. Anything that you can think of when it comes to administering and securing the operating system is laid out in group policy settings. With that being said though, one could argue that many home users really don’t need… (10 comments)

Comparing Nook Tablet to Kindle Fire
You just can’t help it these days but notice a lot of stories and focus on budget friendly tablets. Not surprisingly, Apple is not being included in the talk as they hardly can qualify as being “budget friendly”. This whole thing started when Amazon announced their 7″ tablet that revolves around their own digital content… (2 comments)

How To Build Your Own Computer: Part 2
Alright, so you’ve read part 1 of this guide and have a good sense of what hardware you want and don’t want to put inside your custom machine. In part 2 of our guide, we will actually go over how to physically put everything together. Now, if you have taken my earlier advice, you shouldn’t… (0 comment)

How-To Replace Asus EeePC 1005 Keyboard
My most recent mini-project involved replacing an Asus EeePC 1005HAB netbook keyboard for a friend. Her netbook was acting really strange, mainly with random search windows popping up like no tomorrow. One would initially think that this might be caused by malware but upon a closer look, I also noticed that even without touching the… (24 comments)

Did You Know You Can Make Your Own Network Cables?
One big money saving project is when a user takes the initiative to create his/her own networking cables. Almost every electronic device now days can be connected to the web and to do that, you’ll need a networking cable. Wireless networking does help eliminate the physical wiring but every true geek knows that a good… (2 comments)