Windows Backup & HDD Migration with Free Veeam Endpoint!
As months go by and those months slowly creep into years, it seems as if the days of backing up your computer seems far less important. With extremely cheap online storage available to just about anyone, why would we still keep files on our local hard disk? With online storage, you’re obviously able to access those… (0 comment)

Survive a Hard Disk Failure by Using RAID 1
I’ve met a lot of paranoid people during my time working with them and their computers. This is especially true where hard disks are concerned. Yet, the fault can’t all be put on them. However, many users still don’t understand that computers, especially hard drives, can and will malfunction at one point or another and… (4 comments)

How To Securely Wipe your Hard Drive
Ever wanted to securely wipe your hard drive prior to selling or giving it away for someone else to use? I’m praying you don’t just hand over your hard drive as is and hope that the next user wouldn’t scourge it for your personal data.  Deleting and even a simple reformat does not guarantee that… (0 comment)

How To Encrypt your Hard Drive with TrueCrypt
I’ve always had my issues with Bitlocker. I love the technology as it gave users the opportunity to finally encrypt their entire hard drive a la Microsoft however, the major problem stemmed from the fact that this feature is only available in the highest edition of Windows Vista and Windows 7! This pretty much left… (4 comments)

Deleting Leftover Files from Program Uninstallation
Nothing is perfect. Ever heard that phrase before? I’m sure you have. It’s one of the main reasons why technology is evolving at such a high rate. Companies want to create that perfect product that everyone will love. The product will be bug free and never need an update. Well, I’m sure you’ve already figured… (1 comment)

Virtual Hard Drives Makes Efficient Backups!
Prior to working on a client’s computer, one of the first thing I always like to do is to make a complete backup of the system. By doing so, I don’t have to worry about whether or not if something “bad” is going to happen and somehow destroy the data. Let’s face it. Reinstalling an… (4 comments)

How To Dual Boot Windows with Ubuntu
If by now you still didn’t know that you can run two different operating systems side by side within a single physical computer, then well, you have some serious catching up to do! Dual booting is a great method to have two separate platforms to do your bidding. You can use one operating system as… (17 comments)

Windows 7 Not Genuine After Disk Clone
A while back, I helped a user easily clone his 320GB Windows 7 system to a 1TB hard drive using Symantec’s BESR 2010. Everything went smoothly except for one big issue that I didn’t find out until now. After the cloning process, Windows 7 was still using the old drive (320GB) as the boot device.… (121 comments)