How To Prevent Devices From Installing in Windows
One of the most underutilized feature in Windows for home users has got to be group policy. Anything that you can think of when it comes to administering and securing the operating system is laid out in group policy settings. With that being said though, one could argue that many home users really don’t need… (10 comments)

Introduction to Local Group Policy Objects: Part 2
In the first of this two part series, I gave an introduction on Local Group Policy Objects. I explained why you would want to configure a computer’s LGPO, especially if you are tasked with managing them in a unsecured or public location, and how how easily it can be done. Basically, if your computers are… (0 comment)

Creating a Custom Windows Logon Message
This is a neat little trick that allows you to create your own personalized logon message for your computer users. Although this is mainly used in corporate environments, there is nothing preventing you from taking advantage of it on your home computers as well as other computers you manage as well.¬†Creating a custom message allows… (0 comment)