WebMail Encryption with Mailvelope
Email encryption is something I’ve always pushed for to whomever is willing to listen! One of the hardest part when it comes to email encryption is the user factor. Many users just don’t see a need to use a desktop email client just to implement some type of email encryption. Many of us are more… (11 comments)

OpenPGP in Outlook with gpg4o
It seems that getting a free OpenPGP solution to work with the Microsoft Outlook email client is harder than I thought it would be. The only thing I could dig up was the Outlook Privacy Plugin, which I wrote extensively about here in this article. At the time I wrote that article, the plugin version… (5 comments)

Using OpenPGP on the iPhone
Just the other day, I was testing the OpenPGP email encryption system with a reader and he asked me a darn good question of how he can get this to work on his iPhone. Surprisingly, while I have thought about it in the past, I never actively looked for a solution. If you don’t know… (11 comments)

OpenPGP Support in Outlook 2010 and 2013
Yes folks, it is possible. Surely I’m not the first to document this but it just frustrated me when I realized how difficult it can be to incorporate the OpenPGP system into Microsoft Outlook. With that being said, I am happily using the Thunderbird email client with the Enigmail plugin which allows me to encrypt… (29 comments)

Yahoo Gives IMAP Support to Free Users?
Yahoo and Hotmail were two of the most dominant email services back in the days and who could claim otherwise? It was free and most importantly, it was from Microsoft and Yahoo, two very big companies. Obviously there were other free email services as well but Yahoomail and Hotmail stood out the most. That is… (12 comments)

Encrypt and Sign Your Emails with OpenPGP
You may not know it but that email you’ve sent to your buddy was actually sent through the web in clear text! If your email was intercepted along the way to the destination by malicious users, he/she can read the email without doing much work! While you might not care that malicious users find out… (15 comments)

Getting Help from Microsoft Newsgroups
Getting computer help online can be a pain at times. For most people who want to actually try and fix the problem themselves before sending it to a professional repair shop, they usually go through some online forum and post their question/dilemma in hopes that someone knowledgeable will come through and give them the right… (0 comment)

Phishing Scams on the Internet
Ever seen an angler fish? It looks very nasty and scary yet it operates very similarly to email phishing scams online. Phishing email has been around for quite some time and it seems as if the problem is growing bigger and bigger every year. One of the main reason is due to the fact that… (0 comment)

Combat SPAM with Disposable Email Services!
Let’s face it, we hate spam email. Yet, there isn’t really a definite solution in combating the problem. One can rely on email spam filters to do their job in netting the majority of junk mail that comes in and placing them in your junk mailbox. For example, Google’s Gmail email service has an excellent… (0 comment)

How To Email Large Files
Have you ever tried to email a large file to a friend only to be rejected by your email provider? This is a common scenario as free email service providers like Gmail, Yahoomail, Hotmail and basically any other one that you can think of, impose a size limit on your file attachments. While you’ll have… (0 comment)