Why Encrypting Files is the Ultimate Protection
It’s perfectly normal for multiple users to share the same computer. That’s why you’re allowed to create more than one user account on the computer! Sadly to say it though, what many of these users do not realize is that their files on these computers are accessible to all users who have physical access to… (4 comments)

Google’s Impressive Free Fonts Library
If you maintain a blog of some sort, you’ll know how important it is to maintain some level of attraction. Although I’m mostly a minimalistic fan, I can’t deny that having some sophistication goes a long way into wanting readers and visitors to return back to your site. Now by attraction, I don’t mean splashing… (0 comment)

Did You Know You Can Make Your Own Network Cables?
One big money saving project is when a user takes the initiative to create his/her own networking cables. Almost every electronic device now days can be connected to the web and to do that, you’ll need a networking cable. Wireless networking does help eliminate the physical wiring but every true geek knows that a good… (2 comments)