WebMail Encryption with Mailvelope
Email encryption is something I’ve always pushed for to whomever is willing to listen! One of the hardest part when it comes to email encryption is the user factor. Many users just don’t see a need to use a desktop email client just to implement some type of email encryption. Many of us are more… (11 comments)

Why You Should Learn to Sandbox Your Browser
It’s no question that many of our work that’s being accomplished today is composed in our Internet browsers. There’s also no doubt that so much of our time spent on the Internet is through a browser of some sort. This is necessarily so because the browser can be thought of as the gateway between the… (8 comments)

Learn Who Tracks Your Online Activity with Ghostery
Whether you believe it or not, you’re an important person on the Internet.. Yups. Advertising networks are all competing over how best to track your web activity. These activity can include how you interact with a particular website, what you are most likely going to click on, how long each of your visit usually lasts,… (14 comments)

Replacing Chrome’s Omnibox with Fauxbar
I like Google’s Chrome browser. I honestly do. It’s snappy fast, looks nice, and has a very cool app store. There are obviously things I do not like about the browser such as the inability for the Adblock Plus addon to block advertisements in videos. However, the biggest and most offending feature that drives me… (20 comments)

Amazon’s Kindle Cloud Reader
Electronic reading is a very hot topic. E-reading devices such as the Kindle, Nook and even the iPad makes reading books fun again. We can all agree, I assume, that the e-reading business is only just beginning to bloom and currently, Amazon is in the forefront of that business. Basically, a lot of money is… (0 comment)

Syncing Browser Bookmarks and Tabs with Xmarks
There’s a high probability that a single user nowadays will use more than just one computer. One of the most important piece of data to have synced across browsers is your bookmarks. It can certainly be frustrating to not have access to a website bookmarked from your home PC on your work laptop. Sure, you… (2 comments)

Awesome Security Features of LastPass
In a recent article, I wrote all about the awesome online password manager service called LastPass. I tried very hard to persuade you to start using LastPass as your password manager. Well, if after reading that post you still have your doubts about it, I will go over a couple more extra security features offered… (0 comment)

The One Stop Password Shop with LastPass
Passwords. We love them and we hate them at the same time. Yet, it’s one of the easiest and most popular authentication method used by third-party services and even by the computer you are using right now (your computer does require a password to log on, right?). It’s a very simple system in that you… (3 comments)

Are You a Victim of Fake Antivirus Software?
Shame on me. It has taken me this long to write an article on one of the most plaguing issues concerning user’s desktops all over the world these past couple of years. This problem I am sure you have seen before and have experienced it even once or twice during your own Internet browsing sessions.… (2 comments)

Closing Tabs Faster in Firefox and Chrome
Finally, I have found this addon for Firefox! I had a feeling there wouldn’t even be one since what I was asking for seemed so mundane. Well, I was proved wrong. I simply wanted an addon that allowed me to easily close a tab/page within Firefox with my mouse. I was tired of having to… (3 comments)