Windows Backup & HDD Migration with Free Veeam Endpoint!
As months go by and those months slowly creep into years, it seems as if the days of backing up your computer seems far less important. With extremely cheap online storage available to just about anyone, why would we¬†still keep files on our local hard disk? With online storage, you’re obviously able to access those… (0 comment)

Survive a Hard Disk Failure by Using RAID 1
I’ve met a lot of paranoid people during my time working with them and their computers. This is especially true where hard disks are concerned. Yet, the fault can’t all be put on them. However, many users still don’t understand that computers, especially hard drives, can and will malfunction at one point or another and… (4 comments)

The New ‘Previous Versions’ in Windows 8
Backing up your data is important. We all know that right? Yet, only a small percentage of users are actually doing just that! It surprises me that many times when I ask a user how they are backing up their precious data such as their music library or photos, I just get a shoulder shrug… (5 comments)

Amazon Cloud Drive and Cloud Player Introduction
With so much hype surrounding online storage these past couple of years, a normal person wouldn’t really expect Amazon to jump into this service. Amazon is mainly known as one of the biggest online suppliers in the world but we do live in a strange time and place so it’s not uncommon for big companies… (0 comment)

Virtual Hard Drives Makes Efficient Backups!
Prior to working on a client’s computer, one of the first thing I always like to do is to make a complete backup of the system. By doing so, I don’t have to worry about whether or not if something “bad” is going to happen and somehow destroy the data. Let’s face it. Reinstalling an… (4 comments)

Recover Files with the Shadow Copy Feature
As humans, we make mistakes. No matter how perfect we think we may be, there will be times when we realize that what we just did was not what we intended to do. However, the realization usually doesn’t sink in until a little later and then once it dons on you that you’ve either just… (0 comment)

Sync Your Documents with Dropbox
In my quest to find a online sync service that worked for me, I’ve first decided to try Windows Live Sync. However, that turned out to be a big disappointment mainly due to the peer-to-peer technology that it uses. Here instead, I’ll try the popular Dropbox sync service. Is this the service I should have… (4 comments)