Kindle 4 Review!
After selling my Kindle Keyboard (3rd generation) on eBay to put the money down towards the Kindle Fire, I knew one day I would reacquaint myself with one of the most popular electronic eBook reading devices out there. While I use my Kindle Fire pretty much on a daily basis for heavy PDF reading, I… (0 comment)

Kindle Fire 1st Generation In-Depth Review
After playing with the Kindle Fire for a couple of days now, I can finally put together my review. Usually, I don’t get all that much excited about a electronic device prior to its release on the market. But when I do, watch out! I will spend days and nights researching the product before its… (2 comments)

Comparing Nook Tablet to Kindle Fire
You just can’t help it these days but notice a lot of stories and focus on budget friendly tablets. Not surprisingly, Apple is not being included in the talk as they hardly can qualify as being “budget friendly”. This whole thing started when Amazon announced their 7″ tablet that revolves around their own digital content… (2 comments)

Amazon’s Kindle Cloud Reader
Electronic reading is a very hot topic. E-reading devices such as the Kindle, Nook and even the iPad makes reading books fun again. We can all agree, I assume, that the e-reading business is only just beginning to bloom and currently, Amazon is in the forefront of that business. Basically, a lot of money is… (0 comment)

Earn Money by Being an Amazon Affiliate!
Prior to working on AnotherWindowsBlog, I was already a huge fan of Amazon. Nothing has changed till this day. Living on an island makes it very hard for us to find products of various categories. We don’t have the luxury of being able to shun one store and hop to another to make price comparisons.… (5 comments)

Kindle 3 Review!
Well, the Amazon deities have answered my call and I finally received my Kindle 3 through the mail. It’s been a long wait but it was worth it. This is my first e-book reading device and I’m really excited to try it out. I wrote a mini preview but now that I finally have the… (15 comments)

Thoughts on the New Amazon Kindle 3
Let me get this out of the way first: I Support E-Book Reading Devices! And yes, this is another article on the Amazon Kindle device. If that pisses you off, then please stop reading right here! I don’t have a problem with other people dismissing these devices but where I do have a problem is… (0 comment)