Kindle Fire 1st Generation In-Depth Review
After playing with the Kindle Fire for a couple of days now, I can finally put together my review. Usually, I don’t get all that much excited about a electronic device prior to its release on the market. But when I do, watch out! I will spend days and nights researching the product before its… (2 comments)

Learn Who Tracks Your Online Activity with Ghostery
Whether you believe it or not, you’re an important person on the Internet.. Yups. Advertising networks are all competing over how best to track your web activity. These activity can include how you interact with a particular website, what you are most likely going to click on, how long each of your visit usually lasts,… (14 comments)

Samsung ML-1865w Laser Printer Review
Having owned inkjet printers for the most of my life, I’ve always ran into something called the “use it or lose it” experience. You see, there’s nothing really wrong with inkjet printers. Honestly. I’ve had no problems dealing with the myriad of printers I’ve owned in the past. Sure I had the occasional paper jams… (14 comments)

Comparing Nook Tablet to Kindle Fire
You just can’t help it these days but notice a lot of stories and focus on budget friendly tablets. Not surprisingly, Apple is not being included in the talk as they hardly can qualify as being “budget friendly”. This whole thing started when Amazon announced their 7″ tablet that revolves around their own digital content… (2 comments)