Blogger’s New Dynamic View
Google’s Blogger platform just released a new and revamped way for users to experience blogs hosted on their platform. They call it Dynamic Views and it’s definitely a fresh and innovative idea to keep the ever growing blogs from becoming stale. As you should know by now, one of the very first things you notice… (2 comments)

Replacing Chrome’s Omnibox with Fauxbar
I like Google’s Chrome browser. I honestly do. It’s snappy fast, looks nice, and has a very cool app store. There are obviously things I do not like about the browser such as the inability for the Adblock Plus addon to block advertisements in videos. However, the biggest and most offending feature that drives me… (20 comments)

Thoughts on the Windows 8 Developer Preview Build
Microsoft has recently lifted the cover for its next operating system, dubbed Windows 8, to the public. They have also released a preview (beta?) build of the operating system to developers and to the general public. With that being said, the operating system is still a full year from official release and many have considered… (3 comments)

File Encryption without Passwords
Did I ever tell you that I get all sorts of weird requests from some of my clients? So, it’s no surprise when someone requested that I help him devise of a plan to protect all of his important documents and files on an external hard drive he has at home so that no computer… (2 comments)