Earn Money by Being an Amazon Affiliate!
Prior to working on AnotherWindowsBlog, I was already a huge fan of Amazon. Nothing has changed till this day. Living on an island makes it very hard for us to find products of various categories. We don’t have the luxury of being able to shun one store and hop to another to make price comparisons.… (5 comments)

How To Create a Self Hosted WordPress Blog for Free
Prior to moving AnotherWindowsBlog from the Blogger platform to a self-hosted WordPress installation, I knew I had to exercise caution. I was headed into unfamiliar territory and as always, I knew I had to perform a dry run before moving on to the real deal. With that being said though, WordPress has definitely made it… (4 comments)

Free SMS Texting on iPhone!
Wouldn’t you like to shave $5-$20 off on your monthly cell phone bill? By eliminating our monthly SMS messaging plan, the money you’ll be able to save is tremendous when you look at it in the long run. If you are on the unlimited messaging plan, that equals to about $240 a year at $20… (5 comments)

Syncing Browser Bookmarks and Tabs with Xmarks
There’s a high probability that a single user nowadays will use more than just one computer. One of the most important piece of data to have synced across browsers is your bookmarks. It can certainly be frustrating to not have access to a website bookmarked from your home PC on your work laptop. Sure, you… (2 comments)

Language Learning Software for Free!
I’m sure you would agree with me that being bi-lingual gains you a huge advantage over others who aren’t. In today’s tough and struggling economy and I clearly don’t mean just the United States, being able to speak another foreign language looks very good on your resume and makes you a lot more desirable than… (0 comment)

How To Securely Wipe your Hard Drive
Ever wanted to securely wipe your hard drive prior to selling or giving it away for someone else to use? I’m praying you don’t just hand over your hard drive as is and hope that the next user wouldn’t scourge it for your personal data.  Deleting and even a simple reformat does not guarantee that… (0 comment)

Padding your Passwords!
In a recent Security Now! podcast from Steve Gibson of GRC Research and Leo Leoporte of the TWiT network, they talked about a very interesting topic concerning password security. Basically, two words can sum up the entire talk: size matters! What Steve found was that a a long and randomly generated password consisting of all… (6 comments)

Microsoft Defender Offline
Microsoft recently released another stand-alone malware scanning tool (although it’s still in beta as of right now) called System Sweeper. This utility is different from Microsoft Safety Scanner in that this is mainly for users who can’t actually boot in to the Windows operating system or Safe Mode. Rather than launching a simple executable, you… (2 comments)