Encrypting your Files within Dropbox
We all love Dropbox. Right? There are definitely other services out there that competes with them but ultimately, Dropbox rules as an online-based syncing service. It’s easy to use, it has many uses and best of all, it’s free. However, just recently, they have been in the hot seat for not clearly stating how it… (6 comments)

How To Encrypt your Hard Drive with TrueCrypt
I’ve always had my issues with Bitlocker. I love the technology as it gave users the opportunity to finally encrypt their entire hard drive a la Microsoft however, the major problem stemmed from the fact that this feature is only available in the highest edition of Windows Vista and Windows 7! This pretty much left… (4 comments)

Deleting Leftover Files from Program Uninstallation
Nothing is perfect. Ever heard that phrase before? I’m sure you have. It’s one of the main reasons why technology is evolving at such a high rate. Companies want to create that perfect product that everyone will love. The product will be bug free and never need an update. Well, I’m sure you’ve already figured… (1 comment)

Why Encrypting Files is the Ultimate Protection
It’s perfectly normal for multiple users to share the same computer. That’s why you’re allowed to create more than one user account on the computer! Sadly to say it though, what many of these users do not realize is that their files on these computers are accessible to all users who have physical access to… (4 comments)

Smooth Slider Plugin for WordPress
I admit that I’m picky when it comes to certain things. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been on the hunt for a featured post content slider for AnotherWindowsBlog. A content slider is a very simple way to let your readers and visitors know what your most popular articles are on your… (2 comments)

Awesome Security Features of LastPass
In a recent article, I wrote all about the awesome online password manager service called LastPass. I tried very hard to persuade you to start using LastPass as your password manager. Well, if after reading that post you still have your doubts about it, I will go over a couple more extra security features offered… (0 comment)

The One Stop Password Shop with LastPass
Passwords. We love them and we hate them at the same time. Yet, it’s one of the easiest and most popular authentication method used by third-party services and even by the computer you are using right now (your computer does require a password to log on, right?). It’s a very simple system in that you… (3 comments)

Are Advertisements Really that Evil?
This issue has been debated for quite some time already, yes, I already know that. This article is just another opinion from yet another “dude” somewhere out there in the world with a website/blog to his credit. Take it for what you will. Anyways, I thought it would be interesting for me to blog about… (5 comments)