Are You a Victim of Fake Antivirus Software?
Shame on me. It has taken me this long to write an article on one of the most plaguing issues concerning user’s desktops all over the world these past couple of years. This problem I am sure you have seen before and have experienced it even once or twice during your own Internet browsing sessions.… (2 comments)

Introducing Microsoft Safety Scanner
When cleaning computers for malware and the likes, I usually like to hunt for the big fishes first and then deal with the smaller one’s later. Nothing helps me accomplish this task easier than using stand-alone utilities and scanners from security companies that set out to catch specific malwares and viruses. In many cases, the… (2 comments)

Closing Tabs Faster in Firefox and Chrome
Finally, I have found this addon for Firefox! I had a feeling there wouldn’t even be one since what I was asking for seemed so mundane. Well, I was proved wrong. I simply wanted an addon that allowed me to easily close a tab/page within Firefox with my mouse. I was tired of having to… (3 comments)

Google’s Impressive Free Fonts Library
If you maintain a blog of some sort, you’ll know how important it is to maintain some level of attraction. Although I’m mostly a minimalistic fan, I can’t deny that having some sophistication goes a long way into wanting readers and visitors to return back to your site. Now by attraction, I don’t mean splashing… (0 comment)