How To Build Your Own Computer: Part 2
Alright, so you’ve read part 1 of this guide and have a good sense of what hardware you want and don’t want to put inside your custom machine. In part 2 of our guide, we will actually go over how to physically put everything together. Now, if you have taken my earlier advice, you shouldn’t… (0 comment)

Windows 7 Not Genuine After Disk Clone
A while back, I helped a user easily clone his 320GB Windows 7 system to a 1TB hard drive using Symantec’s BESR 2010. Everything went smoothly except for one big issue that I didn’t find out until now. After the cloning process, Windows 7 was still using the old drive (320GB) as the boot device.… (121 comments)

How To Build Your Own Computer: Part 1
In this two part series, I will try my best to give you an easy to follow beginners guide on building your very own computer from scratch. I’m sure there are hundreds of other guides out there (and probably written with a lot more detail than what I can do here) but I thought it… (0 comment)

A Better PDF Reading Experience on the Kindle
The Kindle 3 provides one of the best electronic reading experiences as of right now. Sure, it can’t beat other electronic devices out there in terms of what the device is capable of but many people seem to forget that the Kindle is a dedicated eBook reading device first and foremost. One of the feature… (29 comments)