How To Create Free Screencast Videos in Windows
If you’re a technical fellow of some sort, you’ve no doubt experienced the pain and frustration when trying to explain how to perform certain procedures or functions on the computer to regular users. The problem isn’t that the users aren’t smart enough to do what you tell them to do (well, most of the time… (0 comment)

How-To Replace Asus EeePC 1005 Keyboard
My most recent mini-project involved replacing an Asus EeePC 1005HAB netbook keyboard for a friend. Her netbook was acting really strange, mainly with random search windows popping up like no tomorrow. One would initially think that this might be caused by malware but upon a closer look, I also noticed that even without touching the… (24 comments)

Recover Files with the Shadow Copy Feature
As humans, we make mistakes. No matter how perfect we think we may be, there will be times when we realize that what we just did was not what we intended to do. However, the realization usually doesn’t sink in until a little later and then once it dons on you that you’ve either just… (0 comment)

Did You Know You Can Make Your Own Network Cables?
One big money saving project is when a user takes the initiative to create his/her own networking cables. Almost every electronic device now days can be connected to the web and to do that, you’ll need a networking cable. Wireless networking does help eliminate the physical wiring but every true geek knows that a good… (2 comments)