Blogger Introduces Mobile Templates!
A couple of months ago, I was literally pulling my hair out trying to mobilize Anotherwindowsblog. It wasn’t absolutely required but it was nonetheless very cool to do so. If you manage a website or blog of your own, you would want your readers to be comfortable reading your material no matter which platform they… (0 comment)

Yahoo Gives IMAP Support to Free Users?
Yahoo and Hotmail were two of the most dominant email services back in the days and who could claim otherwise? It was free and most importantly, it was from Microsoft and Yahoo, two very big companies. Obviously there were other free email services as well but Yahoomail and Hotmail stood out the most. That is… (12 comments)

A Look at the Opera 11 Browser
A long time ago, long, long, long time ago, everyone was pretty much using Internet Explorer to surf the web. During that period, consumer computer systems weren’t really what you would call “fast” but that was OK because it was the norm. Sorta. Like many other geeks out there, I was (actually, I still am)… (0 comment)

My Experience in Switching from Firefox to Chrome
Like many users out there, I’ve been a long time Firefox fan. It is fast, secured, and most important of all, very customizable. However, very recently I have noticed that my Firefox browser crashes a lot. And I mean a lot! After digging around, it didn’t take me long to find out that the crashes… (2 comments)

Podcast Managment on the iPhone with Podcaster
One of the most lacking feature of the iTunes app within the iPhone is the inability to actually subscribe to a podcast show for automatic download. It’s a very simple feature and one that would have made life a lot easier for many users. By default, Apple wants you to use iTunes on the PC/Mac… (0 comment)

Using Dropbox as a Image Hosting Platform
I’ve been using Microsoft’s Skydrive service to host all of AnotherWindowsBlog images for quite some time now. I’ve been happy for the most part. I mean, how can anyone not like having 25GB of free online storage? How can you not like having no bandwidth limits to worry about like other free services impose on… (17 comments)