Assassinate the Google Redirect Virus with Hitman Pro
So just the other day a friend hit me up over the phone about something wrong with his computer at work (it seems lately those were the only types of calls I get from my friends). He immediately identified the problem as always being redirected from his Google searches. I immediately thought “Uh-Oh”…those are never,… (6 comments)

Remain Calm and Use TeamViewer
For helping out remote users, whether they may be your friends, family members, co-workers or heck, even strangers, there has to be a way for the computers to easily communicate with each other via the Internet. I did write about Window 7’s Remote Assistance feature but I then later realized that the set-up process could… (1 comment)

Resize All Blogger Images to Custom Width!
If you maintain a blog of your own on Blogger, I’m sure you know of the many different themes (free or paid) available to you to spice it up. Your theme is very important because it’s what sets you apart from the other millions of bloggers out there as well. Consider it crazy but many… (13 comments)

Enhance Your Right Click Mouse Button!
I’m sure many users are familiar on how to get to the many different settings and items within the Windows operating system. Sometimes we do it so often that the procedure on how to do it becomes ingrained into our memory. We do it without having to put any thoughts on it whatsoever. For the… (0 comment)

Enable 720p Video Recording on 3GS
Users of the iPhone 3GS no doubt know about the video recording capabilities of their phone. However, whether you may know it or not, that video is not in high definition. By default, the resolution of recorded videos on the iPhone 3GS is at 640×480 . It certainly gets the job done when you need… (0 comment)