Advance Battery Meter for Laptops
When using a laptop, one of the most important thing to keep track of is the battery life. If your laptop runs out of battery, then I’m sure you’ll know of the consequences! Netbook users might not have as much to fear as other regular notebook users since the battery life for those devices is… (0 comment)

Splash O2 Lite Rechargable Battery Case
A little while back, I purchased an external iPhone battery from Monoprice for a friend and it worked great. He loves it. However, Monoprice shortly after have discontinued sells of the product. My friend gave the battery to a family member and am now stuck without an extra iPhone battery for his travels. Now, he… (4 comments)

How To Easily Clone Windows to a Bigger Hard Drive
One task that you don’t necessarily perform on a daily basis consist of moving or migrating your Windows partition to a different hard drive. One of the main reason for doing so is mainly when users upgrade to bigger and more powerful hard drives. By simply using the bigger drive as just a simple secondary… (2 comments)

Dell Vostro v13 Laptop Review
I’ve just received the Dell Vostro v13 laptop through the mail and so I decided to write my thoughts on it. This laptop is for a friend who wanted a slim laptop. After having used his Asus EeePC netbook for his travel needs, he decided it was too small (something I told him he would… (2 comments)

Recover Your Wireless Connection Passwords in Seconds
Ever had a quest come over your apartment requesting access to your wireless network? Sure you have! Ever forgotten what your actual password was due to its awesome complexity you gave it? Of course! Who actually can remember a 14+ random character password?! Well, if you were prepared, you would have kept a copy of… (1 comment)