How To Utilize Wake-on-Lan Feature
So I recently wrote about how anyone can use remote access technology to remotely connect to their computers back at home as if they were sitting directly in front of it even though in reality, they are miles and miles away. That’s great and all but how on earth do we access our computers if… (6 comments)

Being able to remotely control your own (or someone else) computer from another location and from a foreign computer is very essential for many users. One big reason many need remote access capabilities is so that they can have a peace of mind knowing that they can retrieve any files they may have forgotten on… (9 comments)

Automatic Shutdown Timer for Windows
How many times have you ever wanted to set a specific time (or date for that matter) so your computer would shut down? I don’t know about you guys but I certainly have. Chalk this one up under another simple feature that I wished would have been baked in with Windows itself. It’s another one… (2 comments)

How To Mobilize Your Blogger Blog!
AnotherWindowsBlog is now mobile-ready! Do you care? Most likely not but it’s still cool to know that if someone were to visit my blog on their mobile phone’s browser, they will have a much smoother experience than when compared to loading my full site. Trust me, you do not want to load my full site… (0 comment)

Is Your Website Optimized for SEO?
If you maintain some blog or website of some sort, you’ve most likely heard about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) at one point or another. It’s not totally required that you fully understand the whole inner workings of SEO and how it works but if you want to drive more readers and visitors to your website,… (0 comment)

Readability for Firefox
How many times have you stumbled upon a website article only to be plastered with dozens upon dozens of sidebar widgets, social networking icons stamped all over the place or just other weird stuff that seems to distract you from the main article itself? Even worst, ever visited a website that employed really small fonts… (0 comment)

Thoughts on the New Amazon Kindle 3
Let me get this out of the way first: I Support E-Book Reading Devices! And yes, this is another article on the Amazon Kindle device. If that pisses you off, then please stop reading right here! I don’t have a problem with other people dismissing these devices but where I do have a problem is… (0 comment)