Use Your Face for Computer Log On!
Yes you read right. You get to use your face to log into Windows! This is called facial recognition and it’s something you’ve no doubt seen on television, movies and even on modern day point-and-shoot cameras. Rather than having to type in long and complex passwords, you can now simply use your face instead to… (4 comments)

The Importance of System Recovery
Have you ever considered what you’re actually getting in return when you put down money to buy that brand new computer either at your local electronics shop or at an online retailer? Well, of course you’re going to say the actual computer itself and everything in it including a humongous hard drive you’re never going… (0 comment)

Quicker Shutdown of Windows 7
I’ve had problems recently with my Windows 7 laptop hanging randomly on shutdown. It’s pretty weird because my desktop, also equipped with Windows 7 and with pretty much the same programs as on my laptop, doesn’t appear to have this problem. Basically, I’m left staring at the Shutting Down screen for what seems like eternity.… (0 comment)

Prevent Deleted Files From Being Recovered
Another article, another way to deal with your deleted data. Many times, we inadvertently delete our files and need some way to actually recover those files. For that, you can read over this article to learn how to do just that. However, at other times, we need to work in reverse. We need to make… (1 comment)

Linux on a Stick!
So I’ve been using Linux Ubuntu for a while now on my desktop and I’m loving it. I recently stumbled back onto their homepage to download a newer version. It is here where I came across a easy to use tool being promoted that aims to install a version of Ubuntu (or other versions of… (0 comment)