The Safest Way to Bank Online!
To this day, I still remember a user asking me a very simple question and got an answer that totally swept him off the ground. “How do I know that performing online banking on my computer is safe?” My answer was simple, “You can’t!” The user immediately gave me the deer-in-the-headlight look, expecting me to… (4 comments)

Windows Utility: Preme for Windows 7
Once in a while, a third party Windows utility comes along the way that makes some people wonder why in the world isn’t the feature directly built-in with the system? Well, next up to bat in this category is Preme for Windows 7. This nifty little utility will allow you to work with windows and… (0 comment)

Windows 7 Secrets Review
Another author, another book on Windows 7. This time, it’s Paul Thurrott’s and Rafael Rivera’s turn to share their knowledge on Microsoft’s latest operating system with the world. Paul Thurrott is a technology reporter and is well-known throughout the blogging atmosphere. He maintains his own site at SuperSite for Windows. Rafael Rivera is a software… (0 comment)