How To Limit Log On Hours in Windows 7
Chances are high that if you have kids and computers at home, there will be times where you wished you had control over when they could actually log on and use the computer. With Windows Vista and Windows 7, you can now easily do just that with the Parental Controls feature. The Internet can be… (4 comments)

Firefox Addon: IE Tab 2
It’s no surprise why the Mozilla Firefox browser is slowly taking away Microsoft’s Internet Explorer’s share in the browser market. Users who already made the switch most likely know of the reasons why and in most likely hood, they’re also tired of hearing about them. The point of this article is not to pit the… (0 comment)

Windows 7’s Worst Features by PCWorld!
Sometimes, I come across a tech article so ridiculous that it’s just begging people to scratch their heads and say “Is that guy/gal writing it for real?” I recently came across a PCWorld article written by Ian Paul titled “Windows 7’s Worst Features” and after reading it, it left me in a totally disgusted state.… (2 comments)