Reparing Your PS3’s Yellow Light of Death!
You know, it amazes me that for a machine that costs me nearly $600, it can malfunction so easily. I’m talking about my Playstation 3 console. Some gaming systems I’ve owned in the past includes Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Gameboy’s, Playstation 1 and 2, and Nintendo 64. Not one of them broke to the point where… (0 comment)

How To Easily Create Color Splash Photos
I’ve never been a fan of photography editing or manipulation. I’ve messed around with Photoshop here and there in the past but everything was just so complicated! I believe that to be an awesome photography editor (or photographer in general), you need to have a creative mind, which I’m sorely lacking. However, I do know… (1 comment)

How To Easily Adjust Song Pitch/Speed with Foobar 2000
I’ve seen many people asked how can they easily change the speed/pitch for a song to either speed it up or slow it down (screwed up!). While a lot of different people threw out some pretty good suggestions, a lot of them consisted of you buying expensive third-party software or installing trial-ware software which would… (22 comments)

Sync Your Documents with Dropbox
In my quest to find a online sync service that worked for me, I’ve first decided to try Windows Live Sync. However, that turned out to be a big disappointment mainly due to the peer-to-peer technology that it uses. Here instead, I’ll try the popular Dropbox sync service. Is this the service I should have… (4 comments)

Sync Your Documents with Windows Live Sync
I initially thought I had no use for any type of synchronization technology for my desktops and laptops because I always had my handy USB thumb stick ready. I try to make a habit of using my USB drive as a way to synchronize my files between the many different computers and laptops that I… (0 comment)