How To Recover Your Deleted Files!
It’s a simple fact of life. Everyone makes mistakes. True, some people make them more than others but fact is, no one is perfect. Nor can we expect to be perfect when using a computer. Deleting files you wished you hadn’t is a big part of that mistake process. The scenario I’m sure, is all… (0 comment)

Free Online Malware Scanning
There are many online web scanners by different companies that offer to help you eradicate your computer malware woes. Performing these scans using them can help in that you are not just relying on one antivirus brand/engine, which is the one you should have currently installed on your system. Antivirus software are not all created… (0 comment)

Create Your Own Malware Removal Starter Kit!
There were most likely times when you had to help someone rid their computer from all the evil viruses and malware they’ve contracted. Problem was, you never really had a good starting point. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worst, you find out that the computer won’t even boot correctly! So you’re thinking… (1 comment)

Creating Website Apps with Firefox
Have you ever wondered what it would be like if your favorite web services turned into an application? Rather than accessing them within your Firefox browser every time, they could now instead behave as if they were a stand-alone application on your desktop? With a addon from Mozilla themselves called Prism, that idea seems to… (2 comments)

Get Groovy With Grooveshark!
Pandora played a big role in changing the way we listen to music online. We simply punch in a artist we want to hear and Pandora will quickly go to work creating a playlist that ‘it’ thinks you will enjoy. Simple enough right? Nothing to download, nothing to install. The service allowed thousands, if not… (5 comments)

Minimize Software Installation Time with Ninite
You know you’re a real geek when you reinstall/restore your computer’s operating system every 6 months or so just to get that ‘fresh’ and ‘clean’ feeling. That’s good and all but we all know how much of a nightmare it is when it comes time to reinstalling back all of our favorite free software. Using… (0 comment)