Windows 7 Inside Out Review
Once again, Ed Bott and company have written another excellent book covering a Microsoft operating system. This time, they write about Windows 7. Having the operating system available for about a month now, this book is a good pickup for any users who just want to get the most out of their system and to… (0 comment)

Custom Ringtones for your iPhone!
I’m sure we all love our iPhone. But I’m also sure that a lot of users wish it had other more useful features as well. One such feature is having the ability to create our own custom ringtones. We’ve already paid so much money for the phone itself so I’ll be damned if I need… (0 comment)

Windows XP Mode in Windows 7
Windows 7 Professional and Ultimate users have a awesome privilege: they are allowed to run the new Windows XP Mode. Essentially, they get to enjoy the best of both worlds. Let’s face it, Windows XP is one of Microsoft’s most beloved operating system in history. Users loved it so much that Microsoft had to actually… (0 comment)

Read It Later for Firefox
Internet bookmarks. We all use it to some extent whether in Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari or Opera. However, there are many of us who have the trigger happy mechanism: they constantly bookmark any site they come across as long as it provides even just a little interest. There are also many others (myself included) who… (0 comment)

Mounting a Virtual Hard Disk in Windows 7
In the last article, we went over how to easily create system image backups inside Windows 7. With image backups, you don’t have to worry or decide what gets backed up because a full system image will include everything. The downside to this method of course, is that it takes up a lot of storage… (0 comment)

How To Create a Windows 7 System Image Backup!
Well here we are again, another article on system image backups. I’ve talked about it before but I don’t believe I actually went into details on how to actually create one. With the arrival of Windows 7, the timing couldn’t be any more perfect. In Windows Vista, only users with the Ultimate edition were allowed… (0 comment)

Change the Boring Windows Logon Wallpaper!
Its sad, really. I consider myself a technology freak and yet I’m always late on the scene when trying out new peripherals, gadgets or software. Only recently have I discovered a simple utility to help me change my Windows 7 logon wallpaper. This tool has been out quite some time now so I’m pretty sure… (0 comment)