Create a Windows 7 Bootable DVD from the Student Offer Download
Alright, if you still haven’t heard about the Windows 7 Student deal offered by Microsoft, shame on you! For just $29.99, you have the privilege to install Microsoft’s latest and greatest operating system, legitimately! The only downside of course is that you must be a valid student at a qualifying university or campus in order… (0 comment)

Guide to Wireless Network Security Review
Wireless networking seems so complex years ago but in this day and age, it’s everywhere. You can find wireless networks being utilized in many users home, local airports, coffee shops, book stores, big and small companies, and even at some fast food restaurants. By providing free or cheap wifi for their customers, businesses can almost… (0 comment)

Organize Desktop Icons with Fences
Another utility, another way to organize your desktop. It just never ends! However, we really shouldn’t be mad because it gives us users yet another method to choose from. It should be clear by now that while one method may work for one individual, it may have the opposite effect on another. Therefore with different… (0 comment)

Dictionary Tooltip for Firefox
No matter how big of a geek you may claim to be, there are times when you will eventually stumble upon a word that you have no idea what its meaning is. If you’re an avid reader on the net like I am, than you’ll know how important it is to understand every word you… (0 comment)

Find Which Files are Taking the Most Hard Drive Space!
Hard drives with hundreds and hundreds of gigabytes of storage can now be purchased by just about anyone. With the low price tag along with the popularity of high definition digital media distribution soaring, it’s a good idea to purchase a hard drive big enough to hold all of your digital media. Sometimes though not… (3 comments)

Missing Youtube Video Thumbnails in Firefox
Just last night, I was frustrated at the fact that some of the video thumbnails in the popular video sharing site of Youtube were missing in my Firefox! Not only that but I’ve noticed that other similar sites were showing the same symptoms. Some of the thumbnails would load but then at other times it… (9 comments)