Microsoft’s Free Antivirus Solution
It’s finally time that Microsoft step their ‘anti-virus’ game up. The big company is now offering a free antivirus product available for everyone to use. Don’t have money to spend on commercial products? Then using a free alternative is a no-brainer. The question is, how will their product, dubbed Microsoft Security Essentials, compare to other… (0 comment)

Getting Help from Microsoft Newsgroups
Getting computer help online can be a pain at times. For most people who want to actually try and fix the problem themselves before sending it to a professional repair shop, they usually go through some online forum and post their question/dilemma in hopes that someone knowledgeable will come through and give them the right… (0 comment)

Improve Productivity with Virtual Desktops
In a previous post, I’ve talked about how Window users can easily enjoy a Mac feature called Expose. In this post, I’ll go over how Window users can once again enjoy a feature from another operating system called Linux. That feature is the ability to create virtual desktops. While just the thought of being able… (0 comment)

Protect Your Windows Network Review
This book on computer security has got to be one of the best in my collection. In order to really understand and enjoy a book on network and computer security, I believe it’s important to get to know the author(s) a bit before proceeding. Both Steve and Jesper are security gurus whose former employer was… (0 comment)

Bring Expose-Like Feature to Windows!
By now, everyone should be familiar with the Windows taskbar. Here you get to see your opened applications and folders. Switching to any one of them is just a matter of clicking on the one you want to work on. That much we all know. The problem for most people who work with a lot… (2 comments)

8 Things You Can Do to Save Printer Ink!
Everything costs money now days and with today’s tight economy, it’s imperative that you save every penny possible. That or get all your pennies worth when purchasing an item, at least that’s how the saying goes. Anyways, I’m not sure if you noticed yet or not but if you have a printer at home, you… (3 comments)

Don’t Pay Money to Create Office Documents
Another simple question that I often receive from others is must they go about and purchase the entire Microsoft Office suite just to create simple Word documents and Powerpoint presentations? Must they fork over more money just immediately after spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars on that new computer? As a average computer user,… (0 comment)

10 Steps to Improve Wireless Signal
Wireless networking and technology has been the hot topic for the past couple of years and it seems that now days users expect to have wireless hotspots wherever they are located! More than ever however, is the ease of how easy it is to setup your own wireless hotspot right in your own home. With… (0 comment)