How Dangerous Are Rootkits?
Let’s face it. In today’s world of computer lingo and terminologies you have to keep up with such as viruses, trojans, worms, spyware, adware, phishing, zero-day attacks, exploits, vulnerabilities and so on and so on, do we really need to add another one to that list describing another piece of software that will ‘own’ our… (0 comment)

The Art of Deception Review
Even if you blindly stumbled into this post with no interest in computer security whatsoever, I still highly urge you to pick up and read this most interesting book called The Art of Deception by Kevin Mitnick. In it, you won’t find pages explaining how high tech encryption algorithms work or how to create a… (0 comment)

Improving Google Reader with Plugin
I wrote an article about the benefit of RSS not too long ago. I’ve been a big fan of the FeedDemon desktop reader. For users who rely on FeedDemon’s online RSS reader, you should have received an email that they are ditching their own online RSS reader and instead migrating to Google Reader’s platform instead.… (0 comment)

Scan Your Network Ports for Vulnerability
Hmmm…a port scan you say? No problem! Just let me get up and look at the back of the computer to see if any malicious device is plugged in to any of the ports…..Unfortunately, those aren’t the ports I’m talking about! In this post, I’ll give you a high level view of how logical computer… (0 comment)

Splitting and Merging PDF Documents
Every now and then, you would come across a PDF file sent to you either from your boss or from your co-workers and colleagues. Simply reading them and even editing them is no problem if you use the ever awesome Foxit PDF Reader, but what if you wanted to do a little more with that… (0 comment)

The Myths of Security Review
This is a fun book to read if computer security is your thing. Written by an expert working for McAfee, this book is filled with insight as to what’s going on in the security industry today. Let me tell you one thing, it’s not good and the author clearly points that out here. The book… (0 comment)

Create System Restore Points More Easily
Chances are high that if you’ve asked for computer help before (whether from your friends or on online forum boards) due to some strange misconfiguration or spyware infection in your computer, one of the first things they will ask you to do if you haven’t already is to revert to an earlier restore point. Chances… (0 comment)

Converting from FAT32 to NTFS
External hard drives are easy to come by and you most likely either have one or have worked on one before. They are cheap and allows you to easily hold gigabytes and gigabytes of files while on the move. One trend that I have noticed is that when you purchase a new external hard drive… (0 comment)

Testing RAM Modules for Failure
One of the main components on a given computer system without a doubt is your RAM (Random Access Memory). These little circuit boards is what allows you to comfortably multitask, load documents for editing, play your videos and video games, browse the Internet and basically every other task you perform on your system. You can… (0 comment)