Why You Should Use Virtual Machines
Virtualization have once been thought of as a technology only big businesses would incorporate in their environments. Now days however, smaller businesses and even home users are realizing the many benefits of using this great technology to help them not only lower costs, but also for security purposes as well. The good news is, while… (2 comments)

Phishing Scams on the Internet
Ever seen an angler fish? It looks very nasty and scary yet it operates very similarly to email phishing scams online. Phishing email has been around for quite some time and it seems as if the problem is growing bigger and bigger every year. One of the main reason is due to the fact that… (0 comment)

Tagging Your MP3 Collection
I have a huge music collection and if you are a music lover like me, you most likely do as well. The problem stems from the fact that we need some way to categorize and label our music. Sure, you can just leave things as is now but that’s no fun is it? Your music… (0 comment)

The Easy Way to Partition Your Hard Disk
Whether you are a professional repair technician or an average computer user, you’ve most likely heard about Norton’s Partition Magic software at one point or another either from a friend or colleague. It allows you to do all sorts of wonderful and neat tricks with your hard drive. For example, creating, deleting and resizing partitions.… (0 comment)

The Best Media Converter!
Format Factory is your one stop shop when it comes to your multimedia conversion needs. This is definitely one of my favorite free software. This gem will allow you to convert one video, audio or picture file format into another with relative ease. Its just sad that the program doesn’t seem to get the recognition… (0 comment)

Using Audacity to Edit Your MP3s
If you are like me, than you have hundreds, if not thousands of MP3 files (obtained legally of course!) in your music library. If you are also like me, than you would also hate how a lot of songs end in meaningless skits. This is especially true with music in the Hip-Hop genre. I just… (1 comment)

Create Your Own Windows Recovery Disc
When you bought computers or laptops in the past, it would usually be accompanied by the manufacturer’s restore disc. As the name suggest, you would use this disc to ‘restore’ your computer’s state back to when you first powered it on.. Of course, you would only use this method when all other troubleshooting techniques fails… (2 comments)

Creating a Custom Windows Logon Message
This is a neat little trick that allows you to create your own personalized logon message for your computer users. Although this is mainly used in corporate environments, there is nothing preventing you from taking advantage of it on your home computers as well as other computers you manage as well.¬†Creating a custom message allows… (0 comment)