Installing Windows 7
This is truly a great time to be a geek. Heck even if you are not, you will still find something that will interest you when you explore what Windows 7, Microsoft’s next operating system, has to offer. Microsoft has a lot at stake here and I will explain why. In this first of two… (0 comment)

Correct Way to Uninstall Norton and McAfee Products
If you have purchased a new computer from the store as of lately, you will notice that it comes pre-installed with tons of useless garbage software. These ‘trialware’ usually allow you to sample the software for a limited amount of time and when the trial expiration date nears or have been exceeded, it will continually… (3 comments)

Randomly Switch Your Wallpapers in XP!
With Windows 7 arriving this year, it will bring a feature that many users (including myself) have wanted for a long time. Finally, Microsoft has listened and will now give us the ability to randomly change our desktop wallpapers at an interval we choose! However, for die hard XP and Vista users, we need a… (0 comment)

Recover Files From Imported Hard Drive
There have been many times when I ran into computer users stuck upon a problem with transferring or accessing files on a hard drive they have imported from a broken computer. If you do not have the correct permissions, then you will be denied access to the files even though you own the hard drive!… (0 comment)

Resetting Windows Logon Password
Have you ever one day sat in front of your computer with that blank stare on your face wondering what the heck your password was to log in to your Windows account? This is a very common scenario for a lot of computer users. While you maybe able to type in your password with your… (0 comment)

Deleting Access Denied Files
You’ve probably seen or experienced this at least once. You try to delete a folder or file and instead of it going into the recycle bin, you get an error message telling you that you either don’t have access or that the object is currently in use by another process and that you will need… (1 comment)

Creating Strong Passwords Offline
The topic on computer passwords seem to have been discussed since the beginning of time. Well OK, maybe that’s a bit exaggerated but it has been the center of attention in the world of computer security for a long, long time. Almost every person in your IT department advise you to create strong, complex and… (2 comments)

Creating Your Own DVD Movies
I’m sure at one time or another, you wanted to create a video file you had on your computer to a physical DVD, watchable on any standard DVD player. Maybe you wanted to create a DVD of that time you and your family went to Paris for vacation. Or how about creating a DVD of… (0 comment)

Creating a Full System Image of your Computer
In the last article, I wrote about how you could backup your individual files. Very easy right? But what if we wanted to take it one step further? What more is there possibly to backup?! Worry not. This is clearly an optional task and certainly not required by any means. However, by creating a system… (2 comments)