Delicious Recipes

I enjoy eating different types of food and I’m sure many of you do too! Whenever I’m not working with computers or just want to take a break, I usually like to find some recipes that I enjoy eating or am just curious as to see how they are made. If it doesn’t look too difficult, I usually give it a try. Personally, I like good ol’ simple food. You know, the kind where they are relatively simple to make, cheap, tastes good and most importantly, the ingredients are easy to come by.

I’m not a big seafood fan but this dish is just incredible! Ever wanted to make a fancy meal for a loved one on Valentine’s Day? Try this one out! The clam juice and white wine goes so well together. Add in some pasta and you’ll be in food heaven. Don’t go spending a lot on a white wine. I simply used a Sauvignon Blank ($6) and the dish came out amazing. This is really one of those dishes where it will make you feel like a real chief at the end because your friends will go absolutely bananas at how good it is. The only thing you have to absolutely get right is making sure to rid the clams of sand and other dirt particles. Other than that, you can’t screw this up!
If you ever stop by Hawaii for a visit, one of the food dishes you must try is our famous Kahuku shrimp scampi. There are numerous shrimp wagons located in the North Shore area and they serve some of the best shrimp scampi dishes you’ll ever have! Because I don’t live anywhere near the North Shore area, I found a Youtube video of a chef teaching us how to actually make the dish right in our own home. This dish is so easy and inexpensive to make yet it will have your friends begging for more! Now you can have a taste of Hawaii wherever you reside at. It’s definitely not the real thing but it’s darn close enough and it beats buying a plane ticket!
This is one of my favorite Filipino dishes! Pork Guisantes is basically pork and green peas in a tomato sauce. This is everything I love in a food dish: easy to make, cheap, tastes fantastic and ingredients are easy to come by. I actually had this dish once during my high school years and it was so good but I had no idea what it was called. It wasn’t until many, many years later when talking to a good high school friend did I find out that he was the one who actually made the dish for the class party! We had a good laugh at it and I immediately made the dish the night after. It was awesome!
I never eat salads drowned in ranch or other sorts of dressings. It’s disgusting. The only dressing I eat with my salads are vinaigrettes or something of that sort. This Asian chicken salad is so good, I promise you’ll make a believer out of your non-salad eating friends! The flavors of the sesame oil combined with the green and red onions goes extremely well with the chicken and vegetables. Remember to eat this salad as cold as possible! You might want to cook everything ahead of time and throw everything in the refrigerator for an hour or so until the vegetables and chicken are all cold. Why pay $8 or more for a chicken salad when you can make it just as good, if not better?!
Mochiko Chicken is another one of Hawaii’s favorite local plate lunch specials! A lot of fast food restaurants make this differently but the main ingredient is the sweet Mochiko flour. As with a lot of dishes, I thought making Mochiko Chicken was extremely hard but was completely wrong. You pretty much just throw everything in a bowl, mix them together, let it marinate and then deep fry! How easy is that? The flavors you’re going to get from the chicken pieces is amazing and it really is one of the perfect plate lunches you can make!
I promise this will be one of the best hamburger steaks you will ever cook up! I used 75% lean ground beef and pretty much followed the recipe to the letter except I used just a simple cornstarch/water thickening agent for the gravy instead of milk. The burger was juicy and very moist. I had no idea gravy was that easy to make! All it took was a can of chicken broth! Add an egg over-easy on top the burger and you pretty much get what we locals here in Hawaii call loco moco! When cooking the beef burger, don’t worry about it getting burnt. Trust me, that’s where all the flavor comes from!
I’m sure you’ve had chicken katsu before. It’s the Japanese version of fried chicken. However, have you ever had katsudon before? If not, you really need to try it as soon as possible! Katsudon is basically chicken katsu covered with a special soy sauce with onions and eggs. The flavors just explodes in your mouth and you just can’t help but ask for more! If done correctly, this is one of my favorite Japanese dishes out there. Although it’s simple to make and tastes really good, it’s not what you would call a “healthy” meal but if you exercise and eat it sparingly, then why the heck not?! I always crave for this dish and now that I know how easy it is to make, I can have it anytime I want!
Who says you need to make the salary of a CEO to enjoy good food?! Although I don’t like a lot of Italian recipes because many of them include a lot of cheese and creamy sauces (which I don’t like), I found this easy to make spaghetti with garlic oil and red crushed peppers. I swear that just about anyone can make this! The only hard part about this dish is that you have to make absolutely sure that you do not burn the garlic! It should only be light brown and not dark. When I made this, my friends and family members went totally berserk! How can something so simple taste so damn good?! Make it yourself and find out!
I love, love, love banana bread! However, I find it ridiculous having to pay almost $3 a slice in coffee shops. If you are new to baking or were daunted by the task, trust me, start off with this recipe because it is very hard to screw it up! You don’t need any fancy ingredients nor a electronic mixer of any sort. The aroma this bread gives off when in the oven is incredible! However, I would definitely recommend holding off on the 1/2 cup butter as shown in this recipe video. Although I used less than that amount, my bread still came out moist and delicious. Please give this one a try!
I didn’t really care for salmon in the past but I’ve recently started to try it and I can’t get enough of it! Salmon is one of the healthiest piece of fish you can eat. I found a lot of people using maple syrup as an ingredient for this fish and I thought it was really weird at first. Like really? Maple syrup?! But let me tell you. After trying out 4-5 different salmon recipes, this is the best tasting piece of fish I have eaten in a long time. It’s super simple and the ingredients are very easy to come by. Nothing exotic. You’ll definitely want to make extra dipping sauce and heat it when the fish is almost done because it tastes so much better when it’s glazed over. Please try this recipe!
Ahhh…good ol’ deep fried potato croquettes! Easy to make, endless possibilities and did I mention it’s deep fry?! This makes an excellent side dish to accompany your main course. However, it can also become a main dish as well depending on the croquette size and amount of servings. I basically skipped on the herbal and cheese ingredients in the video tutorial but it still came out very good. This goes best with Tonkatsu sauce though ketchup also works. Everyone is different so experiment a bit! To be a little bit more adventurous, pour your favorite curry sauce over the croquette and you got yourself one heck of a dish!
Orange chicken has always been one of my favorite plate lunch specials. I also have always thought that it was incredibly hard to make but after watching this awesome video tutorial, I can finally say that I have conquered the orange chicken dish! The sauce was excellent as it was full of flavor and it blended really well with the deep fried chicken pieces. The ingredients were super easy to come by and that’s what I look for when deciding which dish to cook next. I used Sriracha sauce with a tiny amount of minced garlic for what the video called “chili garlic sauce”. This dish is perfect as a lunch meal but it definitely can work for dinner as well!
If you have never tried Chinese stir-fried garlic vegetables before, then you are seriously missing out! This is one of the tastiest and healthiest methods when cooking these vegetables. Chinese restaurants will always, and I mean always over charge you for this type of dish so save money and cook it yourself! I promise you it will taste just as good. You might be more familiar with Chinese Choy-Sum than Kai-Lan and both taste just as great when prepared this way. The dish is simple, healthy and tastes amazing. I usually reserve 1-2 days of the week as “vegetable-only” dinner nights and this is what I always make. If your kids don’t enjoy eating plain boiled vegetables, try this dish for a change!
You either love or hate Kimchi. For me, I love it with a passion! It always makes for a fantastic side-dish for whatever main course you have cooked up and nothing gets your appetite going than Kimchi. Using it in a fried rice dish is what you call cheap eats. As with almost every other fried rice recipe, you can pretty much add in whatever you want. The video tutorial leans more to the simplistic side but that’s just fine as well because Kimchi has so much flavor in itself. You’ll want to fry the rice a bit longer than usual just to get all that flavor soaked into it. The egg in the end just blends everything together to give your mouth a flavor party you’ll want over and over again!
One of my favorite Chinese dishes growing up has got to be chicken with black bean sauce! This dish should be familiar to you if you are even somewhat familiar with Chinese cuisine because it is very popular. You’ve most likely seen a lot of people order it from Chinese restaurants. The amount of flavors and aroma this dish produces is just insane. Most of the ingredients are really easy to get a hold of besides maybe the black bean sauce, which you might have to visit an Asian grocery store to find. The good news is that you can pretty much use any part of the chicken for this recipe, whether it’s breast, thighs or wings. So, if you’ve got leftover chicken pieces, go ahead and make this simple recipe!