Hiren’s BootCD via USB the Easy Way

Do you want to be your local neighborhood geek? Of course you do! That’s why you’re here. One of the easiest things you can do to earn your badge in geekiness is helping a person recover files from a computer that just won’t boot. How about taking it one step further and actually performing all […]

Never Leave Home Without Hiren’s Boot CD!

With all the freewares available out there to help with computer troubleshooting issues, it can be a hassle trying to find the right one for the job. As experienced workers will tell you, a job is a whole lot easier, no matter what it may be, if you just have access to the right tools. […]

Fixing File Associations in Windows

Every once in a while, you cleanup a computer from malware infections and everything seems to look good after a reboot. All is well it seems. However, you then notice that upon clicking on programs and your data files, they don’t want to open! The icons are still showing and whatnot but Windows seems to […]

Windows 7 Not Genuine After Disk Clone

A while back, I helped a user easily clone his 320GB Windows 7 system to a 1TB hard drive using Symantec’s BESR 2010. Everything went smoothly except for one big issue that I didn’t find out until now. After the cloning process, Windows 7 was still using the old drive (320GB) as the boot device. […]

Why TeamViewer is the Best Remote Assistance Utility!

For helping out remote users, whether they may be your friends, family members, co-workers or heck, even strangers, there has to be a way for the computers to easily communicate with each other via the Internet. I did write about Window 7’s Remote Assistance feature but I then later realized that the set-up process could […]

Recover Your Wireless Connection Passwords in Seconds

Ever had a quest come over your apartment requesting access to your wireless network? Sure you have! Ever forgotten what your actual password was due to its awesome complexity you gave it? Of course! Who actually can remember a 14+ random character password?! Well, if you were prepared, you would have kept a copy of […]

The Importance of System Recovery

Have you ever considered what you’re actually getting in return when you put down money to buy that brand new computer either at your local electronics shop or at an online retailer? Well, of course you’re going to say the actual computer itself and everything in it including a humongous hard drive you’re never going […]