Remote Wake on LAN via Router

When I talked about Wake on Lan (WoL) in a previous article, I also wrote on how it was possible to do it over the WAN. Although being able to magically wake your computer up from its slumber state while within the local network is pretty handy, it’s when you actually get to do it […]

Google Drive Overview

Fresh off the heels of testing Skydrive, I now turn my attention to Google’s newly published service called Google Drive. It was only a matter of time before Google publicly offered a file syncing service to their customers. Now that both giant software companies have revealed their services to the world, customers can finally be […]

Microsoft SkyDrive Overview

It seems like only yesterday that Dropbox could comfortably sit back and dominate the online storage world with their awesome file syncing service. Sure, there were a few others out there that offered similar services but as far as ease of use and features, Dropbox in my opinion was the best. They offered 2GB of […]

Add a Voice to your Blog with Vocalyze Plugin!

A feature so simple yet I haven’t thought of before is giving text-to-speech capabilities to a blog! Now, I know what you’re thinking. Text-to-speech (TTS) is not really an experience a listener wants to go through because for the simple fact that the voice dictating the words sounds in almost all cases, too robotic. Another […]

50GB of Free Online Storage with Promotion

There’s a saying that goes something like any publicity is good publicity. Right? So how can a promotion of a company offering you a free 50GB of storage lifetime account sound bad? Just recently, an online file storage company similar to that of Dropbox, offered a crazy promotion for all iPhone IOS users that […]

Amazon’s Kindle Cloud Reader

Electronic reading is a very hot topic. E-reading devices such as the Kindle, Nook and even the iPad makes reading books fun again. We can all agree, I assume, that the e-reading business is only just beginning to bloom and currently, Amazon is in the forefront of that business. Basically, a lot of money is […]

Remotely Control Windows from Your iPhone!

So a good friend recently came down for a visit. Being the tech geeks that we both are, a lot was discussed on recent technologies, gadgets and the such. One of the things he displayed that stood out to me, although nothing new, was being able to remotely control his laptop back at his home […]