Installing and Configuring NAS4Free on a Windows Network

Alright, so you’ve read my previous article introducing you to what a network attached storage (NAS) device is and you’ve decided to implement such a device on your home network. Awesome! So what’s next? Well, now comes the hard part. Sort of. You see, I’ve done the initial research for you and here in this […]

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What is a Network Attached Storage Device?

Have you ever wondered if it was possible to store all of your important data away from your local computer’s hard drive and make it available over your home network instead? Have you ever had friends come over and found out that sharing data with them was a pain because you had to turn on […]

Remotely Control Windows from Your iPhone!

So a good friend recently came down for a visit. Being the tech geeks that we both are, a lot was discussed on recent technologies, gadgets and the such. One of the things he displayed that stood out to me, although nothing new, was being able to remotely control his laptop back at his home […]

Remain Anonymous While Surfing the Web!

There was always a need for some users to remain anonymous on the Internet. They don’t want their identity to be known. I don’t really care what those “needs” are but you get the point. One of the biggest determining factors on tracking who did what on the big wide Internet world is by something […]

Did You Know You Can Make Your Own Network Cables?

One big money saving project is when a user takes the initiative to create his/her own networking cables. Almost every electronic device now days can be connected to the web and to do that, you’ll need a networking cable. Wireless networking does help eliminate the physical wiring but every true geek knows that a good […]

What is a Network Location Profile?

One of the simplest things you can do to protect yourself when connected to a network of any kind is to use a firewall. This serves as a barrier of sorts between the computers you do have control over against the computers that you don’t. One of the main uses of a firewall for an […]

How To Utilize Wake-on-Lan Feature

So I recently wrote about how anyone can use remote access technology to remotely connect to their computers back at home as if they were sitting directly in front of it even though in reality, they are miles and miles away. That’s great and all but how on earth do we access our computers if […]