Creating Website Apps with Firefox

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if your favorite web services turned into an application? Rather than accessing them within your Firefox browser every time, they could now instead behave as if they were a stand-alone application on your desktop? With a addon from Mozilla themselves called Prism, that idea seems to […]

Read It Later for Firefox

Internet bookmarks. We all use it to some extent whether in Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari or Opera. However, there are many of us who have the trigger happy mechanism: they constantly bookmark any site they come across as long as it provides even just a little interest. There are also many others (myself included) who […]

Dictionary Tooltip for Firefox

No matter how big of a geek you may claim to be, there are times when you will eventually stumble upon a word that you have no idea what its meaning is. If you’re an avid reader on the net like I am, than you’ll know how important it is to understand every word you […]

Improving Google Reader with Plugin

I wrote an article about the benefit of RSS not too long ago. I’ve been a big fan of the FeedDemon desktop reader. For users who rely on FeedDemon’s online RSS reader, you should have received an email that they are ditching their own online RSS reader and instead migrating to Google Reader’s platform instead. […]

Prevent Advertising Neworks from Tracking your Activity

The Targeted Advertising Cookie Opt-Out (TACO) is a awesome Firefox add-on that when installed, will essentially prevent 84 different advertising networks from tracking your online activity in hopes of serving you targeted ads. These targeted ads actually have a better chance of being clicked on because the user sees it as something that interests them. […]

How To Backup Entire Firefox Profile!

Label me a fool. I have been using Firefox since it debuted and all this time, I have never learned or took the time to find out how to backup my Firefox profile. I spend a lot of time rebuilding machines for testing and whatnot and each time I have to reinstall/reconfigure all of my […]