Why Securing Your Passwords with LastPass is a Good Idea

Passwords. We love them and we hate them at the same time. Yet, it’s one of the easiest and most popular authentication method used by third-party services and even by the computer you are using right now (your computer does require a password to log on, right?). It’s a very simple system in that you […]

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Are You a Victim of Fake Antivirus Software?

Shame on me. It has taken me this long to write an article on one of the most plaguing issues concerning user’s desktops all over the world these past couple of years. This problem I am sure you have seen before and have experienced it even once or twice during your own Internet browsing sessions. […]

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Amazon’s Cloud Drive and Cloud Player

With so much hype surrounding online storage these past couple of years, a normal person wouldn’t really expect Amazon to jump into this service. Amazon is mainly known as one of the biggest online suppliers in the world but we do live in a strange time and place so it’s not uncommon for big companies […]

Blogger Introduces Mobile Templates!

A couple of months ago, I was literally pulling my hair out trying to mobilize Anotherwindowsblog. It wasn’t absolutely required but it was nonetheless very cool to do so. If you manage a website or blog of your own, you would want your readers to be comfortable reading your material no matter which platform they […]

A Look at the Opera 11 Browser

A long time ago, long, long, long time ago, everyone was pretty much using Internet Explorer to surf the web. During that period, consumer computer systems weren’t really what you would call “fast” but that was OK because it was the norm. Sorta. Like many other geeks out there, I was (actually, I still am) […]

My Experience in Switching from Firefox to Chrome

Like many users out there, I’ve been a long time Firefox fan. It is fast, secured, and most important of all, very customizable. However, very recently I have noticed that my Firefox browser crashes a lot. And I mean a lot! After digging around, it didn’t take me long to find out that the crashes […]

A Look at Internet Explorer 9 Beta

The Internet Explorer 9 Beta has finally been released to the public yesterday (9/15/10) and judging by many, the reactions have mainly all been positive. Internet Explorer has mainly been touted as the most used browser in the world but I can’t help but wonder how much of a lead it still has on the […]