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A good iPhone app to me is one that I have to use on a near daily basis. What do I have to do on a daily basis you ask? Well, those of you who read my past articles might get the hint that I’m not what you would call the most exciting person around. So, when I say I have to get my daily news fix, I highly doubt any eyebrows will be raised. I’m just another guy who needs to know what’s going on around the world otherwise he gets cranky. Because I check many different websites to get my “news fix”, why not use an iPhone app that harnesses the power of RSS feeds to instantly see what’s going on between them? One of the apps I’ve come across that I knew I would be using daily is Pulse News. This awesome RSS app works incredibly simple and one of its strong point is how good it looks! Reading doesn’t always have to be boring and Pulse News is a good indication of that!

You can download Pulse News for the iPhone, iPad and Android from here. The app is completely free to use!

At its core, Pulse News can be considered as just an RSS app. However, it’s the way Pulse News presents your favorite feeds to you that makes it so pleasant to use. Pulse News presents your feeds in a mosaic tile. Each item in your RSS feed will have it’s own little image and you scroll through the feeds in a sideways motion, rather than your usual up and down. Pulse News allows you to organize your feeds into different pages (or categories) and within each page you get to group your favorites feeds together. It’s really that simple. When you want to read an item, you simply click on it and Pulse News will do the rest. Sometimes a feed will only display an excerpt of the article and so you’ll need to visit the actual site to view the entire article. The good news here is that Pulse News will not take you out of the app and open up Safari. Everything is done within Pulse News. I love that simple feature because I hate the idea of having to close up Safari and re-enter the Pulse News app after reading each article. That seriously disrupts the reading flow. Here, everything works as it should.

Main InterfaceReading

Think of Pulse News as rows and columns. The “columns” here can be considered your pages or categories. Pulse News give you 5 pages to work with. Within each page/category, you can have a huge list of your individual RSS feeds. Consider each RSS feed the “rows”. You scroll through each feed going from left to right. I believe Pulse News will present you a maximum of 20 of the most current items in the feed. So, you can create a page dedicated only to Technology. Within this page, you can list all of the technology related feeds that you care about with each one presenting you with the 20 most current items in that feed.

You can sign up for a free pulse.me account to access special features such as saving stories to read later and accessing your feeds on other devices as well.

Pulse News Pages

Pulse News has a pretty decent collection of popular feeds that you can subscribe to. You can also search for a websites RSS feed(s) by searching for it but I was disappointed to see that there was no manually way of typing in a direct RSS feed URL. However, you might not necessarily even need to type in a RSS feed address as Pulse News did a very good job at presenting the available feeds to me in the Search menu just by typing in a website name. You also have the option of signing in to your Google’s Greader account to import your feeds.

Featured SourcesSearch

Other than that, there’s not much more to Pulse News. This wonderful free app gives you the ability to quickly scroll through your news items of interest. Indeed, RSS has been around for a very long time and many different apps utilize this feature to present users with only news and items of their interest. I’m sure there are other apps similar to Pulse News that may have a even better interface. As it stands, I don’t think Pulse News is something I would recommend if you have a lot of RSS feeds. It is however, an excellent way for you to quickly catch up with your favorite websites and see what’s going on with the world today on your iPhone.

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  1. If Only i had an iphone 😛 
    Apple sells iphone at india at a much much higher price.

    • Yeah, sucks to hear that. Maybe you can find a cheaper one at eBay? I personally want to switch away from an iPhone but after using my sister’s Android for a week or so, I just felt the iPhone’s simple interface, how it works, and the app store is so much better.

      • No, ebay also sells at same expensive price. 
        My sister also got an Iphone and I find it much better than Android. It is very convenient and simple . I hope that either Apple reduces its price here ( very unlikely ) or I am waiting that any of my relative comes from US so that I can get the phone from them, 

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