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It’s been a while since I used Sharepod to manage my iTunes music library. Why? Because it doesn’t work anymore with IOS 4 devices! It’s such a shame because that little utility was perfect for users wanting to manage their music library on their iPhone/iPod/iTouch/iPad without having to use iTunes. Your reasons for hating iTunes I leave completely up to you but for me, it just feels so bloated. Unfortunately, I have no choice but to keep using it on my computer because it’s the only way to sync apps and to backup my iPhone 3GS. However, that doesn’t mean I have to use every feature of that program. SharePod allows a user to independently manage their music library on their IOS devices manually without iTunes. SharePod hasn’t been updated in a while and at this point, I don’t think it ever will (developer probably dumped project) . So, I’ve done my complaining and whining like any user would who grew attached to a certain software that suddenly just croaked one day. It’s time to move on and find a different solution.

CopyTrans Manager

The answer to SharePod is CopyTrans Manager (CTM). It’s a stand-alone IOS device music manager similar to SharePod yet it doesn’t require iTunes at all. One thing I want to make clear right now is that one the biggest differences with SharePod vs. CTM is that the former is able to export songs from your iDevice back to your computer. This is useful, for example,  if your computer crashed and took all your songs with it. By performing an export of the songs on your iDevice back to your computer (once it’s fixed), you can rebuild your library. Interestingly, although SharePod doesn’t allow you to transfer new songs to your device, it still allows you to perform an export! Therefore, if you need to perform an export, you can use SharePod for that purpose. Or, you can support CTM and purchase the full version which allows you to export your library back to your computer for $19.99. CTM is completely free as is if you do not need these advance features.

One thing I do not like about how the company behind CTM operates is that they do not define what you are getting in the paid version vs. the free one. This makes it hard for users to decide which version is best for them. It would have been a lot easier on their customers if they had a comparison features list between the two different versions. You can download CopyTrans Manager from here for free. CopyTrans has a lot of other different products that also relate to how you can use your iDevice on your computer without the need for iTunes.

TM has both a full installation and a portable version of the software (Zip). I highly recommend you to use the latter. First, as with other portable software, there is no installation of CTM. Simply download the zip file, extract the single executable file within it and run it. That’s it. Secondly, you can stick this portable executable of CTM onto a USB thumb drive or directly within your iDevice and be able to use it to transfer songs to your device from almost any computer you use without having to re-download it. For example, if you’re on a friend’s computer and it just so happens that they have a couple of songs you want on your iPod as well, simply fire up CTM and drag the songs directly to your device and that’s that. No more messy iTunes syncing, worrying about whether your library will be erased or not, etc.

CTM DownloadOnce you’ve extracted the CTM executable, fire it up and you’ll be asked to plug in your iDevice.

CTM Main InterfaceOnce done so, CTM should immediately recognize your iDevice and present you with the media within it. From then on, adding new songs consist of just dragging and dropping them into the main library area and hitting the update button at the top. That’s it! However, CTM can do much more than just add and delete songs from your iDevice. You can also easily create new playlists, add songs to those playlists and even edit the metadata for your songs such as adding new cover art and track title information.

CTM LibraryMy iPhone library is pretty boring at the moment but CTM allows you to also add different media file types besides just music. Items such as audio books, video files, podcasts, TV shows and ringtones along others can also be imported with CTM as evident by the photo provided by CopyTrans on their website. If you right click on the column bars, you can choose from a big list of other status informations to help you organize your library.

There’s not much going on in the Settings menu. CTM works perfectly right out of the box and nothing needs to be configured.

CTM SettingsThere really isn’t all that much left to talk about with CTM. If you don’t like having the idea of using iTunes to manage your media, then you definitely need to give CTM a try. Even if you have no gripes with iTunes, you still might want to keep a copy of CTM on a thumb drive in case one day you need to transfer songs to your iDevice but the computer you’re on doesn’t have iTunes installed.

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